Sunday, November 11, 2007

What to wear?


Since this is my first post, I welcome you to my blog!

In this edition I will teach you the Do's and Don't of getting the best service from your local restaurant just by the clothes you wear. Now I know what your thinking...why does it matter what I wear? You probably heard the saying " The first impression is the most important" This could not be more true, for example:

about three years ago

There were two men in their mid 20's. both were wearing white beaters and riped jeans. My first thought that jumped into my mind was "well heres a 8-10% tip." Now knowing that these guys weren't going to tip me well, I decided to do a half-ass job. Sure enough I got my 10% tip. Here's two possible scenarios:

1) Did they tip me 10% because they "Were" white trash?


2) Did they tip me 10% because I ASSUMED that they were"White Trash" and I acted accordingly?

Unfortunately this happens all the time and can be avoided.

I'm not suggesting that you have to be wearing the best clothes to get great service, just enough so that the server respects you and you respect the server. Ever notice the servers always wear those neatly pressed uniforms? Not only do they look good, but the uniform shows Respect!

so comparing the photo to the left to the one to the right, which person would you (as a server) give the best service?
Bingo the one on the right!

So here are some tips:

The don't

- White beaters
- Pajamas
- Super riped jeans
- anything that makes you look like a douchebag

The Do's

- anything that doesn't reveal too much ( i.e chest, legs(hot pants),underwear)
- Something that you would consider respectable.

Now go and have a great meal and get that service you expect.

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